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ErgoDynamix can provide your company a competitive advantage by selling the stage for employees to work and feel their best. Our services are tailored to deliver the most effective relief to your employees, increase productivity in your workplace and increase your bottomline profits.

Please e-mail regarding any service below, or call 925-788-9600. If you click on "Request Service", the subject will be filled out for you.

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An ideal step for new employees or a developing work environment is a Preventative Consultation. This consultation assesses an individual's work environment and activity and makes recommendations to maximize productivity and comfort so that work related injuries do not become an issue.

We assess the individual's personal work style, furniture, equipment, and environment. Preventative consultations have proven to be one of the most significant cost-savings efforts a company can make in minimizing work related injuries and decreasing workers compensation claims.

We recommend incorporating this consultation into new hire programs, when an existing employee is relocated, or as a preventative education tool for your company.

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Employees experiencing discomfort, or workers compensation claimants, require immediate attention in order to mitigate further loss of productivity, insurance costs, and administrative overhead.

Our loss control evaluation is an immediate and proactive step in controlling loss for your company. Our ergonomic specialist provides a personalized consultation with the employee; we evaluate the core problems associated with the employee's discomfort then make meaningful recommendations on how they can correct the problem.

Recommendations may consider changes in their work environment such as equipment, posture, or repetitive activity, and may include direction in therapeutic exercises so that the employee can take an active role in their own recovery.

In order for your company to assess the value of our services and to protect your company, we provide well-documented assessments and recommendations for each evaluation.

Our experience as both Ergonomists and Physical Therapists provide companies a valuable resource in improving productivity among workers and in minimizing the financial loss a company incurs as a result of Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSI) and Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs).

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It is important for both workplace productivity, as well as financial reasons, that an ergonomic consultation helps bring closure to an employee's claim of discomfort.

Our specialists provide your company with a written follow-up report detailing the progress of the employee and providing further recommendations if the employee requires additional attention.

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Our loss control specialists have been fortunate to evaluate many different brands and forms of equipment. Not one brand or type of equipment is suitable for every person or environment.

If your company is considering the purchase of new equipment or designing a new work environment, our specialists can evaluate the product and provide a written assessment of its suitability for your application. This is a prudent step before purchasing costly equipment that may or may not be a positive value for your company.

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The development of an effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program is both a legal requirement and a necessary step in preventing and responding to safety issues within your growing company.

ErgoDynamix® provides on-site consulting services to design, implement, and maintain a workplace safety program that will grow with your company and provide real-time value in employee productivity, legal compliance, and emergency preparedness.

ErgoDynamix® has developed strategic partnerships with both local and national organizations who are experienced risk management consultants in facility safety and security, business continuity, and safety and security management.

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Loss Control begins with education. ErgoDynamix® has developed modular education seminars on Body Mechanics, "Ergonomics: Workstation Education", "How to know your in trouble before trouble strikes", Injury Prevention, workplace safety, emergency preparedness, first-aid, and other key risk management topics. Sessions are often provided free of charge; Please inquire for a seminar at your company.
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